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Graphene LHP (Loop Heat Pipe)

The Graphene LHP project is a part of the prestigio...
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We are developing a miniature condenser for a Capil...
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Notre équipe

Profil des membres MRC

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Dr. MINETTI Christophe

Project Coordinator

E-mail :

Tel : +32 2 650 65 73


PhD in Physics Sciences - ULB (2003)

Competence Fields

  • Optics
  • Image processing
  • Software development

Related projects

Current :

Representative Publications

  • C. Minetti, C. Buffone, “Three-dimensional Marangoni cell in self-induced evaporating cooling unveiled by digital holographic microscopy”, PHYSICAL REVIEW E 89, 013007, 2014.
  • X. Grandchamp, G. Coupier, A. Srivastav, C. Minetti, and T. Podgorski, "Lift and Down-Gradient Shear-Induced Diffusion in Red Blood Cell Suspensions", Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 108101 (2013).
  • A. El Mallahi, C. Minetti and F. Dubois, “Automated three-dimensional detection and classification of living organisms using digital holographic microscopy with partial spatial coherent source – Application to the monitoring of drinking-water resources”, Appl. Opt.52, A68-A80 (2013).  
  • A. Mialdun, C. Minetti, Y. Gaponenko, V. Shevstova, F. Dubois, "Analysis of the Thermal Performance of SODI Instrument for DCMIX Configuration", Microgravity Sci. Technol. (2013).
  • G. Coupier, A. Farutin, C. Minetti, T. Podgorski and C. Misbah, "Shape Diagram of Vesicles in Poiseuille Flow", Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 178106 (2012).
  • T.Podgorski, N. Callens, C. Minetti, G. Coupier, F. Dubois and C. Misbah, "Dynamics of vesicle suspension in shear flow between walls", Microgravity Sci. Technol. 23:263-270 (2011).
  • N. Callens, C. Minetti, G. Coupier, M.-A. Mader, F. Dubois, C. Misbah and T. Podgorski, “Hydrodynamic lift of vesicles under shear flow in microgravity”, Euro Physics Letters 83 (2008)
  • C. Minetti, N. Callens, G. Coupier, T. Podgorski, F. Dubois, “Fast measurement of concentration profiles inside deformable objects in micro flows with reduced spatial coherence digital holography” Applied Optics, 47 (2008)

  • Frank Dubois, Maria-Luisa Novella Requena, Christophe Minetti, Olivier Monnon and Eric Istasse, "Partial spatial coherence effects in digital holographic microscopy with a laser source", Applied Optics 43, pp. 1131-1139, (2004)
  • C. Minetti, Frank Dubois and J.-C. Legros, “Reduction of the correlation sensitivity to the changes of the input illumination by a post processing based on the correlation statistics” Appl. Optics 41, 3453-3460 (2002)

List of publications



Dear all

We would like to invite you for the seminar to-morrow, Thursday  19 May  at 15:00

Congrès HoloPhi II

Le MRC organise la seconde rencontre francophone de l'utilisation de l'holographie digitale pour la métrologie des flu...

Une expérience du MRC embarqué sur la fusée sonde Maser 12

Le 13 février 2012 à 10h32, la fusée sonde Maser 12 a été...